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H2D IR Hair Dryer


Premium Hair Dryer

Your hair dryer is about so much more than just drying your hair. How you use it can make or break what your styled hair looks like, which is why your hair deserves the results our premium hair dryer can offer, thanks to its ionic and infra-red technology.

If you’ve got short hair, blowing drying against the grain is a great way of adding extra volume. You can boost your hair even more by applying a small amount of volumising mousse as well as heat protection spray.

For the perfect sleek bob with turned-under ends and plenty of volume, we’d recommend applying a heat protecting spray to your hair before drying. Partition your hair into equal sections, then slowly run a large round brush through each section from underneath at the same time as you run your premium hair dryer over the drop of the strands at a 90-degree angle relative to the brush. As you reach the tip of the hair, use the brush to curl it inwards, for that turned-under finish.