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Threading Course 1/2 Day Course - TBC


TBC 2019 9.30am-12.30pm


To attend this course you must hold a waxing qualification or nvq level 2 in beauty, this course focuses on how to achieve the perfect lash shape using the ancient art of eyebrow Threading. Students will be shown and learn how to create the perfect shape brow to suit the individual clients face shape and brow design. 
The course is a very hands on experience to build confidence plus plenty of advice on how to turn your new skills into a profitable business. 
Course criteria 
  • Salon hygiene, sanitisation/health & safety 
  • Client consultation, contra-indications and client care 
  • Face shapes and how to define the brows to best suit the client 
  • History of Threading 
  • Threading treatment procedure 
  • Troubleshooting, promotion and marketing 
Students are required to work on each for the duration of the course, for this reason it is a pre-requisite that all students grow their body hair for practice of threading before moving to the brow area. Students will be expected to wear latex/vinyl gloves throughout the practical parts of the course. It is also recommended that students wear minimal eye make-up.