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Adhesive - Motion Sensitive Express 5ml Black


Motion Sensitive Low Odour Adhesive is the perfect setting for clients with sensitive eyes.

  • Low odour
  • 5-7 seconds drying time 
  • 7-10 days wear time (ideal for temporary application)

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All our semi-permanent eyelash adhesives are free from latex and formaldehyde to protect both you and your client.  

You should ensure that your adhesive is stored correctly, we recommend keeping it in a temperature range of between 19-24 °C and humidity level of 40-55%. Before use allow the bottle to stand at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to treatment and shake the bottle for approximately 20 seconds before dispensing. 

Never take the whole top off the bottle as air and moisture will enter causing the glue to deteriorate. The nozzle should be cleaned after every use using lint free wipes. Do not use cotton wool or baby wipes as the fibers can react with the adhesive and could cause an exothermic reaction.